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I'm watching Masterpiece Contemporary on PBS right now...Tonight's feature is called "Endgame", which is a docudrama about apartheid-era South Africa.

I remember watching the news one day when they aired a segment about South Africa...I was about 8 or 9 years old...It must've been a protest of some kind, I don't remember. I do remember seeing the white South African police on the streets & a black woman being dragged by the cops. I didn't process what was going on @ the time, but had a feeling that it wasn't good.

It's been over 20 years since I've seen that segment...and that image is seared into my mind still.

I also remember as a child that my mom only kept Pepsi in the house. I asked Mom why she never drank Coke and she said because it tasted too sweet. I was about 11 or 12 years old (and outside of the home) when I tasted my first Coca-Cola. Thought it was way tastier (and not as syrupy) than Pepsi...It wasn't until I was already a teenager that my mom told me the real reason why she didn't keep Coke in the home. Coca-Cola did business with the old South African government, and she was boycotting any products that supported apartheid.

I also found out during those years that the Israeli gov't supplied the white South Africans w/weapons...Which is why I don't (and never will) support Israel.

PS- <3 David T's real accent! (He introduces the film in the beginning for those of y'all who dig him *cough*[ profile] ladymako71*cough*)
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Interesting commentary from about the sweat lodge deaths

Admittedly I now have a hard time watching "The Secret" cos of
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Black friday shopping- Yay or nay?
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Having babies in your late 40s/early 50s- Yay or nay?
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On Facebook there's this poll application called "Have Your Say" that sends you question of the day notifications...Today's QOTD was:

Do you think President Obama is correct in wanting to end the "Don't ask! Don't tell!" policy?

I answered "yes" and posted this comment on the board:

Seriously dude if I'm getting shot in the front lines I'm gonna care more about my fellow soldier's rifle skills rather than their sexual orientation.

Nothing too deep, political or philosophical there...Right? I guess not cos after I took a shower and went back on the comp, I saw that I had a new private message w/this note:

but when I'm in the shower it matters....ALOT...WTF bathroom you gonna use?

Alrighty then...
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The Spook Who Sat by the Door is one of the best (and most controversial) blaxploitation flicks out there that's extremely underrated...

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm not going to lie...In the past I've had to disassociate myself with people who were too far on the left (I don't come across too many far-right people here in NY, but I am sure if I did the results would be the same).  It had less to do with our divergent views as much as they felt the need to try to make me "in the wrong" for my views or get all offended and OMG!!! DX  If our views are that strongly divergent that it hurts the friendship more than helps it, then we have to go our own way.  It's fruitless for me to get into a debate w/someone that generates nothing but elevated blood pressure.

Most of the people in my life have views that do not correlate with mine...Even in my own family.  There are those who I will probably never go beyond casual acquantences with because our views differ greatly and that is fine.  The only people I probably would not associate with are those whose views or actions are harmful to others (ie- racists, homophobes, zionists, radicals, etc.).
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Between this facebook poll, homeless people having to live in tents, weak ass democrats dumping the public option and the artistic elite treating Roman Polanski like a political criminal fighting the man, I have just about lost my faith in humanity right now.
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I just saw the Mackenzie Phillips interview on Oprah...What has been seen cannot be unseen...Good lawd!

Lately, I've been having the urge to go back to school...Not for anything, but just to learn new stuff and to exchange ideas, discourse and all sorts of interesting stuff with people who have triple digit iqs...Miss that educational environment.

I might just pay for a CE course or two.
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This child is the daughter of a former patient of mine... We grew up in the same neighbourhood, spent our formative years in the same exact building...I had the pleasure of meeting this young lady a few times whenever her mom brought her to the office. So when I woke up this morning and found out she was killed in Atlanta, I was heartbroken not only for her mother, but for a young life that had all the potential in the world being cut so short.

Ironic thing is she was a good girl who worked hard, kept her nose clean and left Yonkers to expand her horizons...Who would've thought that life would end so suddenly while playing a board game?

RIP Fantasia.
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Whole wheat couscous w/oil cured black olives, goat's milk cheese & fresh mint leaves. Healthy, no?


Sep. 8th, 2009 09:27 pm
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I need trekker flats for Eurotrip. I just got a coupon for free shipping @ Land's End and saw 3 pairs that were on sale. I am having a hard time choosing. So y'all help me out!

pair #1

pair #2

pair #3

Even though they're the most expensive, I am more partial to the second pair because they look more stylish than sporty. What do y'alls think?


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Been keeping a close eye out on this healthcare reform matter. Needless to say, I don't know what to say!!!!

As y'all know, I've been in healthcare like...FOREVER! So I really take this matter to heart. Even though I don't work at a large clinic or hospital, you do get an insight on certain things that the average layperson does not...

I do have insurance through my job. I don't have dental, so I pay out of pocket for that. Nonetheless if I get really sick, I don't have to worry too much. However, there are 46 million Americans out there who are walking around every day uninsured. It is true that many of them may have lost their coverage through a lay-off or firing. However, there is a large population of US citizens who are working every day of their lives w/o any insurance benefits, including many health care staff members. Now many of you are shocked that there are health care workers out there w/o insurance, but that is a dirty li'l secret that is not well known & is a lot more prevalent than you think! Many private practices DO NOT INSURE THEIR STAFF MEMBERS!!! Many of them work in the same office building as I do. I even know of a woman who left her job @ a chiropractic firm in Scarsdale (which is one of the wealthiest towns in Westchester County) to work @ Wal-Mart...The reason- insurance. The store that people love-to-hate gives their workers full insurance coverage...

I also know of people who are not covered because they have pre-existing conditions. Or may have to pay higher premiums to keep their coverage when their employer switches group plans because a pre-existing condition keeps them from changing insurance carriers. None of them qualify for Medicaid, or Family Health Plus insurances because they "make too much money" and by too much money that means you're not assed-out poor. According to FHP's guidelines, the maximum a single person can bring in is $798/monthly to qualify for coverage. Medicaid- even less than that.

People ask me all the time why I am not a fan of social services & want them obliterated, and this is the reason. Throughout my time @ the Dr's office, I have come across way too many patients who have either barely or never worked a day in their lives that can utilise these services. However, the NYS Dept of Social Services can't find it in their hearts to help people who work hard everyday...Whose tax dollars support their sorry, crooked system! So to those say they are worried about paying for "lazy people", I've got a secret for you- you're already doing it! D: But I digress...

It is so easy for people to say that the uninsured workers should get jobs that have health care coverage, but job hunting is much easier said than done, especially in this economy. And anyway, why should any person be denied insurance coverage because they don't have "the right job"?

So whenever I hear about people ranting & raving about eebil "socialised medicine" (or even worse- screaming I beg to differ. There are many legitimate concerns out there about reforming health care that is worth bringing out to the forefront. I'e seen some of these town hall meetings where people said that they didn't care about insuring the 46 million people out there because it raises taxes. Really now? Is money that important to us that it trumps over the lives of our fellow men? How heartless of a nation can we be?

I know people are concerned about taxes. Not for nothing, we Americans do not pay nearly as much taxes as those from other nations & and even if healthcare reform passes, we probably still won't pay that much more to where it impedes our way of life. IMO, all of this bickering and complaining about spending tax dollars makes us seem really petty, trifling & cheap. If our dollars go towards healthcare benefits for everyone (and those who want to keep their insurance, can do so), why shouldn't we throw our money in the pot?
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